The brands that communicate and suit your style

Tagliatore, Brooks Brothers, Allegri, Corneliani, Zegna, Sonrisa: these are just some of the menswear brands chosen on the basis of more than 25 years of experience and stocked in the Krugg Menswear boutique in Bergamo.

The shop offers a modern, bright, refined, elegant and sophisticated setting, where we place at your disposal a carefully chosen selection of brands, collections and suggestions that are always characterised by quality, to offer the right suit for you – whether this is an elegant business suit, a smoking suit, a tight suit, or pieces that are sporty and classic – in line with your personal taste and the rules of masculine elegance.

There is a precise and defined style, a style that distinguishes and differentiates: this is your style, which brings out the best in you and makes you feel comfortable. It allows you to best express your potential, your taste, your personality. We will help you to dress in this style, with suits made from the best materials, always of the highest quality, from selected brands.

The brands

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