Personalised suits, made to measure

Personalised suits, made to measure

With Krugg Menswear, in Bergamo, you can also take advantage of a tailoring service for the personalisation and production of made to measure suits, suits which are sewn onto you. We will tailor clothing of trustworthy name and exceptional quality for you:

Suits: “Corneliani” and “Zegna”
Shirts: “Sonrisa”

With skill and expertise, and understanding the rules of masculine elegance, in our boutiques fabrics and shapes are carefully chosen, measurements are taken, and note is taken of the volume and proportions of the shoulders, hips, bust, arms, and build.

We place the specific needs of our clientele at the centre of our tailoring: single or double breast, with or without slits, side slits or central splits. We then define the length and tightness of the suit, the positioning of the pockets, the cuff of the trousers, the type of reverse, the stitching, the buttonholes and buttons. Those who choose Krugg know that they can always count on a complete service for made to measure suits to match your personal taste.

Some examples of our tailor-made pieces

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